November 9th, 2019

This year, we're going beyond mere inspiration.

Life After ArtSci is an alumni networking summit that facilitates the opportunity for students to engage with successful Arts and Science alumni from diverse sectors. This summit is generously supported by Richard Rooney and Laura Dinner and is a planned in a joint effort between the Arts & Science Undergraduate Society, Faculty of Arts and Science, and the Dean’s Advisory Council. Attendees will hear from leaders in emerging industries, all of whom graduated from Queen’s Arts and Science. From the medical cannabis industry to international consulting to philanthropy, Life After ArtSci will attempt to showcase the wide variety of careers and pathways available to Arts and Science students.

The day will attempt to challenge the question “What can you do with an Arts and Science degree?” and prove any profession is possible.

We want delegates to leave Life After ArtSci feeling inspired about possibilities their degree will give them and confident in their ability to succeed.


We are going to expose students to successful alumni to get students thinking about the potential of their degrees. Delegates will leave the summit feeling inspired and passionate about their professional potential.


Life After ArtSci is about giving students the chance to learn key skills and practice them in a positive environment.


We want delegates to leave the summit with new connections and relationships with the alumni they interact with throughout the day. 2018’s big focus was delegate & alumni relationship building, and 2019’s will be the importance of networking.