Panels to look forward to

One of the unique aspects of the Faculty of Arts and Science is the diversity of career pathways that are available to students upon graduation. At Life After ArtSci, we take the time to showcase these pathways during our "Panels". Each panel will consist of Queen's Arts and Science graduates who will share career advice, talk about their career and sector and how they got to where they are currently, while providing tips on how to maximize your Queen's experience.


Fall 2019

1) Business, Entrepreneurship and Consultancy

2) Politics and Public Policy

3) Healthcare, Medicine and Biotechnology

4) Creative Industries


Winter 2019

1) Marketing & Communication

2) Business & Consulting

3) Creative Industries

4) Environment & Energy

Fall 2018

1) Politics & Policy

2) Healthcare, Medicine & Biotechnology

3) Entrepreneurship & Innovation

4) Non-Profits & Social Enterprises